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Did you check out part one first? Read the first part fo the story

Conreds student was sitting on a cream coloured couch in a wide and simple furnished flat. He impatiently drummed with his fingers on its back. When he heard keys sliding in the lock, he jumped up and rushed into the hall. The door opened and his old friend was standing in front of him.
“I’m done.”, he cried, “This time for sure.”
His friend walked past him and dropped his keys on a narrow table next to the opening of the living room. He went to the other room and Nimus followed him.
“Stole another woman from some clan?”, asked the man incurious.
“I wish I did.”, responded Nimus and sighted.
“I’ve kept prying into things that didn’t concern me. And should never concern me at all!”
“Well you do this stuff all the time.”, butt in his friend, while he stored some things from his bag into the cupboard.
“Nothing like that.”, he replied and let himself fall on the couch again, “I’ve to cure the soulless daughter of Merrick… the fire clan leader.”
Nimus friend stopped and turn around. He looked doubtful at the man on his couch.
“I know, I also couldn’t believe it.”, said he. He laid his hand on his eyes and turned his head up to the ceiling before he continued.
“Everything makes sense, when you thing about it. But hell, she is rotten! Damn it!”
“Just tell him so.”
“No use. He won’t believe me. ‘come on, Esthemer, help me somehow!”, begged Nimus, but he already turned away and continued his work.
“Just ignore him.”, blocked he off.
“Crap, you don’t want to understand it, don’t you?”, cried Nimus hopeless, “I would already be dead, if he weren’t that much desperately. I mean… wait, see, he pressed me against the wall. I didn’t have the chance to dodge and then, crap, it was terrific. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t breath.”, a shiver shot though his body, “This green eyes. Holy grab, he is on the top. Almost another species.”
“Calm down already.”, advised Esthemer the rubbish talking guy and he finished storing the last things.
“My life is over.”
The standing man rolled his eyes and left the room. He walked into the kitchen and took out two glasses. He opened a cupboard with a glass front and took a bottle of scotch. He filled each glass half full, before he returned the bottle to its place. Then he walked back to his nearly insane friend.
“… and her eyes. Amazing. To bad that I don’t have a liking for dolls.”, he stopped, when he saw the scotch.
Without another word he took a glass and sipped at it.
Both of them remained silence for a while. During drinking Nimus spaced out and when he took his last gulp he began to speak again.
“You know, somehow she looks like the girl you described.”
The man next to him choke badly on the drink.
“But there is no way she is it.”, he discarded his idea.
“What dished she lookeds like?”, bring the other one out, while he still choked.
Nimus starred again at the ceiling and appeared to be absent.
“Fragile figure, delicately chiselled features, long straight black hair, eyes that suck you in and a aura that overwhelm you.”, he stopped to make sure his glass was really empty, “Even when this old man was present, I could feel how she changed the atmosphere.”
He looked grinning at Esthmer, “To bad she is a rotten vegetable.”
Yet his friend could just stare stunned back. He coughed one more time, before he spoke, “Her voice?”
“Damn! Didn’t you listen? She is dead inside! How could she walk or talk?”, yelled Nimus.
“I must meet her to make sure.”, said Estemer, while he stood up from the couch.
“Are you insane? He kills us, if he know, that I told you this whole crap!”
“Tell him, I know a way of healing her.”, suggested he.
“Shut up! Are you insane? He won’t believe me. I swear he can see right through a lie!”, screamed Nimus.
“If she is her…”
“Stop dreaming, she dosn’t exists!”, interrupted he half screaming half crying. He knew that now there weren’t a way back. Estemer was searching for this girl over a year without any trace. He was just blind to the illusion that a girl could exist that was meant for him. His soul mate. Someone with the same fate. Someone to rescue him from his own dark soul.
“What are you planning to do? Walking in and if she isn’t the one you are searching for, just leave? He won’t let you leave again!”, he pointed out.
“I don’t care.”, said Estemer dryly, while walking into his bedroom searching for something.
“But I! It’s my damned life!”, cried his friend again lout enough for him to hear, even when he was in another room.
By the time Estemer came back to the living room he had his contrabass put on his back.
“I thought you are going to die anyway?”, told he Nimus biting with a smile.
Nimus just starred back angry. But soon he lost the starring competition and walked past his friend.
“I get it.”, he said, “Just don’t tease me, while seeing me walking towards my own death.”