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The cold night air fills my lungs while I walk down the streets after I got off the train. Nobody is around and the only thing I can hear is the rustling of the wind in the trees. I’ve always enjoyed going through the empty village during night and currently not even a single light is on! This feeling, like I am the only person alive. So small and unimportant.
I look through the fence of the little grade school to my left and think once again that I should go and play on the empty sports field at least one time. However, I know that I won’t ever play there at night all by myself. It is just no fun alone. When I was a kid I often cried because the boys in my grade didn’t let me join their plays and, oh how I wished to have the full ground all for myself! What would I give to be a child again? To be carefree? Or at least to be eight years younger. I shake of the thought. Time cannot be changed.
My glance goes back to the empty streets that are lighted by the modern lantern which the township has bought over a year ago. Gosh, I hate them. They will never fit in the rural image of my beloved little hometown.
Suddenly a shiver runs down my spine and, without thinking, I turn around.
Just an emptry street.
“Cool down, what’s wrong with ya?”, tell I myself while I continue walking. Yet I can’t get rid of this feeling. It feels like somebody is watching me. Should I check again?
“Absurd, there is nothing.”, mumble I and then I start to grin, “Are ya a little girl again, scared of all the spooky-ghosts?”
When I come to the last cross-way on my way home, I suddenly feel relived. It isn’t far home any more, just down the row of houses on the other side and taking the second side road on the right. Why I am still so nervous? I look to the right and left, but I can’t see anybody.
“Ha, even this old geezer Hardwick in Farm Close is asleep.”, laugh I when I see that his window is dark. “I never dared to dream about this. Geez, must be late today.”
I cross the street and, I don’t know why, I look back again. At the roof of the house, where I stood only seconds ago, sits a shadow. My breath caught, my heard beats faster, my hands get cold.
It’s nothing. Calm down. Probably it is only something which was caught by the tiles.
While I try to breath calmer, I take a closer look. At first I cannot make anything out of it, but then I start to believe that it has to be an animal. A bird. Maybe a stork, even if they are really rare around here.
I take a deep breath and turn away to get home. Yet the moment I saw it moving in the corner of my eye, I turn back to stare at it again. Every muscle in my body tightens and my eyes get wet. I move back a few steps. My heartbeat bangs in my head. Two dark eyes focus me.
Move. Don’t stay here. Better not. Move. Why does my whole body feels so heavy? Move!
I run. Away from this creature. The tears flow over my cheek, while I try to think clearly. I look in the gardens left to me. I am running in the wrong direction.
“Fuck, what ya doing?”, wheeze I when I’ve stopped.
Calm down. Wrong direction. There is nothing to be afraid of. Just go home. Monsters doesn’t exists. I could hear myself breathing shortly and heavily. Gosh, what is wrong with me today?
Something heavy hit the ground in a distance. I revolve and see a dark and big creature crouch under the light of a lantern. The shadow of the roof is gone.
The creature raises it’s head and turns it towards me. A face with the same dark eyes as before. Its flat snout grimace and misshapen long and yellow teeth appeares.
Blood rushes in my head and my body cramps.
It’s looking at you!
My body moves on its own. I am running again. I want to get away, no matter where, but fast!
I don’t want this. I don’t, why, why me?, my thoughts are a mass. Why is there nobody? Someone. I need someone. Anyone.
All windows are dark. The only light comes from the lanterns, but they won’t save me. I knew it. I have to run. Faster. Southlands. Turn off!
I gasp when I turn right to myself. Here has to be someone. Please!
My body begins to shiver and I get dizzy. Don’t give up. Someone. There must be help!
Light. I nearly cried out when I’ve saw see the lighted window in the middle of the road.
Claws slides over the ground. Then a crash. Don’t turn around. Faster. Reach it. But now… I hear it. How it pranks hit the street, the scratch when its pranks lift off it. It is coming closer.
I yell. The tears blur everything. I’ve to reach the light. Be save!out
In a sudden I stumble and felt. My head hits the street. Everything goes black, but I still hear my heartbeat. Then I see the outlines again. Hurry. I’ve to get up.
Faster. It’s close. Run! You have to run!
I look back. Only a short glance, It has caught up. My body freezes slowly. Next I get hit and fell back to the ground. The creature stands above me. Its muzzle is bent down to me and I kick as strong as I can. My knees are shaking.
It yowls and blood drips of its mouth. Flee!
When I try to draw back, a pain runs through my left arm. As I look down, I see it covered in blood. When did this happened? Forget it. I have to run!
A deep rumble comes of the throat of the creature. It glares at me furious. My heart skips a beat, yet I try to step on it again.
Its teeth goes deep in the flesh of my leg. Something presses on my chest. I lose any breath. I strike out wildly. It gets dark. I lose every sense of directions. I doesn’t even know what my arms hit. I feel like barfing.
Suddenly my flank aches like it would tore me apart. I can’t breath. Something is in my throat. I gurgle. The pain spreads.
The weight of my chest disappears. A snarl. I turn my head and spit a liquid. It is warm. I breath in the cold air. Another sharp pain in my chest.
In a far distant I hear how bones break. The creature screams. I caught. Something flows over my cheek. The pain in my side gets worse. Yet the shadows come back. Where is it? A huge dark spot, surrounded by light. I is in front of me. A person! It’s a person! My hope raises. Someone is there! Help me!
I try to yell. But I can’t. Why can’t I speak? I feel so numb. Help me! Here I am… find me! It will come back… I hear it! It must be still around!
Then a second shadow appears. Far away I hear someone talking.
“… really bad. Look at her, she seemed to be really pretty.”, said the voice, “Yet a bit old for myself.”
What is he talking about?
I caught again. The pain is unbearable.
I gasp for air. There is something hurting me. Help me! Please, help me! Before it comes back… I’m here…
“What should we do?”, asked the first shadow.
“Best is to just kill her.”, response another voice.
“As cold-hearted as ever.”, laugh the first one.
What is going on? Who want they to kill? I am here! Help me. It will come back… hurry… Please!
The laughing shadow kneel next to me. I try to find the creature.
I am here. Save me! Please. Tell me everything is alright! Please. Tell me that I will wake up and, and it is all just a dream. Yeah, a dream. Aren’t you happy? You are laughing. You are alright. So help me! Please!
He shows me something elongate. Then it moves quickly. My breath stops. A hot pain pass through my neck. I hear another awful gurgle. Then the world turns black.

>> Woman, 28 years old, brutally murdered on street, no eye witness <<