Oh, gosh. It really has been some time since I last visited my blog. Even thou I wanted to do so much here. Well, I had a lot of work the last month, but it should get better now or, at least, I hope so.

‘Cause I haven’t written much lately, I’ve got a new resolution: I write a short sequence during my rides on the subways. Expect of the fact, that I hate it when people stare at stuff I’m scribbling on a paper (and yes, I’m doing it so that hopefully no one can read it), it’s nice. Time goes by much faster.

What else to say? Today I published the first part. Each of the parts will be only short (again, I’m writing it on the subways – try it yourself, not that easy) and I’m gonna leave some parts out between the single stories. I like it that way better and to be honest, it is boring to reveal everything.

Greetings Grace