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Adam stepped out of the inn followed by Carlies wife.
“Ahm, if you want, I, I can prepare a room for you.”
James grinned and bow before her.
“That would be lovely of you.”
Nervously she said ‘Upstairs’ and already wanted to go back in, when Adam ask her about the woman.
“Do you know something about her?”
Her smile disappeared and she looked troubled.
“The witch.”
The young woman got nervous and looked around. Her glance ended in the east street leading out of the town where the woods took over the street. When she spoke she stared at the distance.
“Not much.”, whispered she.
“It’s okay, tell us whatever you know.”, said James with his sweetest voice, “You would help us a lot, darling.”
For a moment her eyes met James and he grinned like an idiot when he saw her cheeks turning red.
“She lives with young boys. At the house. Down the street.”
Her shaking hand showed down the way which she was staring the whole time.
“How old are they?”
She shook her head, “I don’t know.”
“It’s okay, try to guess.”
“One is small. A toddler.”
She stopped and it seemed like she tried to get ride of an unpleasant thought.
“I can’t. I can’t.”, whispered she repeatedly.
While James tried to convince her, Carlie turned up behind her.
“Lis, what are …”, but his eyes felt immediately on James.
“Came back in.”, said he rough and she nodded shortly. Then they vanished together in the darkness of the inn.
James sighted and closed up to Adam who impatiently went down the street to the west.
“The old man didn’t have us much.”
“He tried to stay with the facts. Wise in times like this.”
“True, but I got the feeling that he’s afraid of her. Silly, how easily people let control themselves out of fear or …”
He stopped and gave Adam a single clap on the shoulder.
“Thanks for your doing in there. Classic move. I thought you …”
Adam turned around and James looked over his shoulder to see the reason for his sudden action. A boy, maybe fifteen years old, run across the street to them.
“Ahm, I, no, ahm, you are the knights?”
Adam glared at James with a look saying ‘That’s all your fault again’.
“Yeah, we are. Do you need something?”
The kid got exited and spoke faster than before.
“I heard you want to catch, Fi.., no, the witch. Ahm, I know something about her. I haven’t told …”
Someone called a name and he looked back at the house he came from.
“… anyone.”, finished he his sentence already with his thoughts elsewhere.
“My mother, I’ve to go back.”
“Oh, hey, wait.”, said James and the boy looked even more exited.
“What’s your name?”
“Thomas, but the elders call me Tommy.”
“Okay, Tommy, we are staying at the inn, come over later.”
“Yes, sir.”, said he proudly and run back to his mother who was standing at the fence yelling at him.
“Cute little boy, seems like we are his idols.”
“Shut up.”, mumbled Adams while they continue walking.
“Oh come on, can’t you enjoy this a little more.”
“You know why we are here.”
James sighted again and said that he knew it well enough.
“So do you think he really knows something?”
“I don’t know, but lets give it a try.”
They stopped in front of a small church.
“Still, unusual for a small village.”
“Maybe there is a reason why they needed one?”
“As if”, laughed James.
“I know, but there are still believing people.”

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