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Did you check out part two first? Read part two of the story

“Do we really had to join the whole mass? Such crap.”
“James.”, whispered Adam angrily, while they waited that the people would leave the chuch. But they got the feeling that most stayed to watch the business those two had here.
After the last one left, Adam and James stood up and walked to the priest in the front who was already aware of what they want. Yet he welcomed them smiling.
“Hello. My name is Christian Darewood, but please it’s only Christian for you.”
“I’m Adam and this is James. I presume you know why we are here?”
The holy mans face got serious.
“Yes, but I’m afraid I can’t help you.”
Adamn ignored his first answer and continued his routine, “The major told us that she once came to you with a request.”
“That’s true.”, he stopped and showed to a door on the left of the altar.
“Please come with me.”
They followed him through a small corridor in a little kitchen.
“Please sit down”, said he while he took a teapot out of one of the old wooden carports and placed it over the cooking place. His two visitors sat down and watched him quietly.
“It was at night a few months ago, when the holy lord tested us with this hard and cold winter. She was knocking at my door and when I opened she stood there with just a few cloths on. At first I thought she was holding everything else she could wear in her hands, but then I recognized the child.
I’m sorry, I don’t remember anymore what she was exactly talking to me … I was, it was horrible. The child was about five years old, it’s skin blue of the cold and the only words sticking to my mind was ‘Please let me bury him here.’
At that moment I didn’t thought about who she was, who’s child this could be or what may have happened. But I thought about the lost soul of this poor child and so I gave in.”
He sighted and his voice got lower.
“But when I realized that it was a slave, I couldn’t bless it or let it be buried at the graveyard behind the church. I tried to explain to her, yet she got mad and yelled at me.”
“Did she curse you?”
“I thought so. Really. It wasn’t English, maybe Latin, but her pronunciation was odd.”
“Did something happened afterwards?”, asked Adam curious.
“No never.”
“And did she come again?”
“No, she avoids me. I don’t really know if you already heard, but she only comes to the village on Fridays to visit the village market.”
“Yeah, we’ve been told that”, agreed James.
“What do you mean by she is avoiding you?”, interrogate Adam.
“Well, if she sees me on the market she disappears a moment later. Whenever I asked someone about, they said that they couldn’t find her either. It feels like she don’t want me to see her.”
He took a cup and asked his visitors if they would want a cup of tee too. But Adam and James rejected his offer friendly. After he pour in his tee, he sat down on the third chair and starred thoughtful at the steam between his hands.
“The last time I saw her … we run together by accident. She said sorry, before she even realized who I was. But lord, when she did, she looked at me and her glance was deadly.”
He shivered.
“What happened then?”, pushed Adam him.
“I, I just turned away and left. But I know she was watching me. It felt as if she would stab me in the back any moment.”
The priest hide his face with his hands.
“I know it’s may duty to drive the devils work out. But I can’t. I can’t do it!”
Adam and James looked at each others and without the priests knowledge they two were grinning happily at each other. When the priest suddenly rise his head, they two remained to their roles.
“I can’t be forgiven. I only told you about all this to lift the burden on my very own soul.”
“You don’t have to blame yourself or to worry anymore. We are here now.”, conformed James him and added that he helped them greatly. But before they left, Adam asked him one last question.
“You said that was the last time you saw here. Does this mean she doesn’t come on Fridays anymore?”
“No. I stopped going.”

I stopped the sequence at this point, mostly because I got bored of writing it when I already finished it long ago in my head. If anyone is interested in how it ends, just leave me a note and I’ll tell you. ;)