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He rose his head from screen, when someone rang to enter. With a short touch on the screen he permitted the visitor and he leaned back, while Peto stepped in his room.
“Hope, you don’t mind.”, said he and went to Tots left side.
“Nna.”, responded Tot in his chair staring at the analysis on his screen again.
“You’re sure? Something bad?”
“Ah, you know. It’s frustrating.”, he pointed at some numbers under a complex graphic. Peto bend down and studied them.
“They don’t fit at all.”
“You think, they tricked us? Installed some simulator in the brain?”, he sounded disappointed.
Tot glared at him. Of course, if they did, not even you can use it any more, he thought. He knew why Petro was here.
“Oh, no! Come on! You know I won’t take your object away, buut if it isn’t even a S – there is no use for you.”, explained Peto, while backing off.
“I know, I know. It’s not your fault. It’s just that there arn’t many HCLF out there and I just hoped this one would be … one?”
“Have you showed this to Bex or Foe?”
“It’s not their research field.”, blocked Tot.
“I know, but maybe Foe should tell…”, started Peto, but he was cut off again.
“It’s an alien, we both know, he doesn’t care about them.”
Peto sighted. Foe really didn’t care about them. If it were him, we would only experiment on our own kind. Good thing the commander knows how to handle him, he thought by himself. It wasn’t the first time that Foe, who slide him up, appeared in his mind.
“What did you try?”, asked Peto to change the topic, even if the actually didn’t care.
“Visual extended basics. It doesn’t react to any sounds nor speaks.”
Peto thought about it and asked if he meant the picture slides.
“Yes, the slides. But after it figured out how to change it, it just kept changing them. Hasn’t done anything else the last couple of hours.”, said the annoyed and clapped his hands together, “Frustrating.”
“Maybe it’s learning…”
“You know the definitions of life forms as well as me. A class S life form should act in a completely other way. Yet, the brain waves are extraordinary. They don’t match the behaviour at all. Must be fake.”
“Well, give it another night.”, suggested Peto and walked to the door.
“Alright, but tomorrow, you can look over it.”
“Sure”, he said without enthusiasm, when he walked out the room. A manipulated object couldn’t bring any usable results. Both know this fact.
Tot starred at the screen.
He closed the application on his desk and stood up.
“Another failure.”
Then he went to the door and it opened automatically as it has done it before when Peto left. The Screen behind him went black and the light dimmed down.
Why couldn’t it work out for him? He hadn’t got any new results during this trip. Nox will be mad at him.
“Gosh, how much did we pay for this one?”, mumbled he while he went down the corridor to the left evaluator. He stepped in the lifting shaft and graze the up button softly with his fingertips. Immediately the floor beneath his feet began to move.
Tot looked at the grey wall passing by and how the kitchen door appear in his sight.
“… transfer to a colony.”, he whispered, when he left the evaluator.
The kitchen and public room opened and right next to entry Miwo sat on a stool. When she saw Tot, she jumped up and ran over to him. Unbelievable, does she never sleep, he thought.
“Who transfer to a colony?”, said she persistent.
“No one.”, answered Tot bugged. His current project was a failure, his rival would get out the best of it and the least thing he wanted was someone rubbing it under his nose.
“You know you can tell me everything.”, she followed him into the kitchen corner.
“I know…”
“So, what’s bordering you?”
Can she piss me off even more? Again, he asked himself, how such a good looking creature can be such a pain. He turned zippy to her and stood just inches away from her glorious body.
Slowly word for word came over his lips, “I. Am. Hungry.”
“Oh, then, ah, crab something.”, nervously she moved backwards, shortly their eyes meet again, before she walked over to Nox, who watched everything quietly.
When she threw herself at him, winning, that Tot was too difficult to handle, he just replied that she shouldn’t stick her nose into others stuff.
Tot took his share from the counter and heated it up. When the small device peeped to signalise him that the food was finished. He took it and walked through the room. He didn’t want to eat here. So he nodded shortly into the direction of those two and left again.
While he went back to his room, he thought about how lucky Nox was. Miwo always did what she wanted and she wanted no one else than Nox. He reminded her smell and imagined how it had to feel if her light and smooth body pressed against him. If she touched his arm and her finger would slowly follow his skin up to his neck. If she would pull his head to her lips. If she whispers sweet words into his ear.
He got pin and needles in his neck. Time to change his thoughts.
Tot stood in the middle of his room. For a moment he stood there, unsteady what to do, with a plate full of some cooked vegetables.
“Just sit down”, he said to himself, “and eat.”
He followed his commands and walked around the desk and sat down on his chair. Then, he looked at the screen. A new message.
>Behaviour change.<
Thoughtful he tipped a few times on the bright screen to switch to the room recordings. The live stream of the room appeared. The alien was sitting in front of the screen wall, drawing something on it with its clumsy fingers.
"Wooa… what is it doing?"
He shoved some of the food in his mouth, but didn't let the screen out of his sight. The alien moved a bit and looked at the picture slider he left in the room. It switched pictures. While it didn't cover the scribbles, Tot zoomed in. The lines got clearer. He swallowed.
"Numbers.", he said unbelieving.
Then the alien, blocked the sight and continued drawing the numbers.
"Damn … it even writes the correct way … from left… to the right."
His fingers moved over the screen again. Then, the writings of the wall popped up next to the live stream. He zoomed in, fascinated of the unsteady written numbers and how fast new appeared. What is it doing? He looked at the alien. It was switching pictures again. Then, he realised it.
"It writes down the number of the pictures … crap."
He began to search in the database for the picture numbers.
"Why is it doing it now? 24, 25, … 27, here."
He starred at the moving picture. The picture 27 shows one of his kind greeting another.
"Un … believable…"
It is greeting me, he thought.
He took another bit of his food and began to search for the other numbers.