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“… 2031, well… before the destruction, ahm, of Magdeburg during the nuclear attacks on Europe… the City had a population about, ahm, 482,000. But Magdeburg wasn’t only interesting in the 20ies age, ’cause, ahm, because it was more than 1240 years old. Which is impressive, because it was one of the most important… cities, ahm, medieval cities of Europe. Also, ahm, the most known building was the…”, looked down on his hand-held screen to peep at the specific name, “… the Lutheran… of, the Lutheran Cathedral of Saints Catherine and … Maurice. The total construction of the church lasted 300 years and it …”
“That’s enough.”, Mr. Allred didn’t even look up and browsed through he name list of the class on his own hand-held. Without interest he selected the next one.
The haired boy who talked about Magdeburg sat down again and three seats next to him another one stood up. Nervously he held his hand-held with his sweaty fingers.
“Ahm, I, ahm… th… want, ahm, to talk about the National Emblem of the, ahm, German Democratical… ah, Republic. Ahm, I choose this one, ahm, because I liked the, the emblem, ahm, a lot… and how it was changed. Okay, ahm, the first designs, ahm,… during 1950… until 1953 featured only a hammer surrounded by a single ring of ahm… rye. I think, ahm no, I read, that it ahm, should express the…”, he took a deep breath, “the German Democratic Republic as, ahm, aa communist state of workers and farmers. Later the national flag was added. Ahm, it had black, red and yellow strips. Then it was surrounded by a lot of … ahm… wreath and there was an old, ahm, I think, ahm, compass on top … ahm, I mean, one layer above the hammer.”
He tried to demonstrate what he wanted to explain with putting his hands in front of his face and clapping one over the other. The below hand still hold his hand-held.
“Ahm, then, ahm, they added red colour, ahm, to the background, ahm, which …”
A light buzzing came from a small cube on Mr. Allreds desk and it started to blink green.
“Ah”, mumbled the teacher and touched the little device. It stopped immediately.
“That’s enough”, said he and selected any student from the list again.
Relieved the boy set down. This time the boy in front of him scratched his head and stood up. He seemed as interested in this lesson as his teacher, who already starred at his hand-held again and stopped listening.
“Well, my topic of choice was the German language, especially dialects used in Germany. Non standard Germans. For example, people used ‘Hallo’ to greet each other and ‘Tschüss’ to say goodbye. Normal German used ‘Ja’ or ‘Jawohl’ as yes and ‘Nein’ as no, yet the German, didn’t said ‘Ja’ but ‘Jo’ and ‘Ne’ as no. But, as I’ve said, those are only examples. Well, German dialects depends on the geographical location of the speakers and some of are the connectors to the Dutch language.”, he paused for a moment and looked at the teacher, but he didn’t looked back or said anything.
“Well, German dialects can be categorised in low and high German.”, he touched his hand-held and a text appeared, “Generally varieties of Low German are considered dialects of the German language by some, yet a separated language by others. If so, they are labelled as Low Saxon. But due to the education in the 18th and 19th centuries, Standard German was spread more than Low German or Low Saxon. Ahm, well, High German is divided into Central German, High Franconian…”
“That’s enough.”, interrupted Mr. Allred and shortly after another boy took over.
“Ahm, yeah, today I’ll tell you something about the profession veterinary surgeon or short vet. Someone named veterinary physician was a professional who treated disease or disorders or injuries of animals. Yeaah, it was a really difficult to be a vet, because one had to treat a lot of different animals, such as cats or dogs, but also eatable like pigs and cows or even all different kinds of animals of an animal restoring and saving station. Of course back then there those were named else wise, I think it was zoo and those were places where you keep them and could watch them.”
Some of his classmates looked at him, doubting that he was telling them facts, but a make up story. Only a few seemed to be really fascinated by his words. Everyone else wasn’t listening, including the teacher.
“Because it was so difficult, you needed a license to work as a vet, but then you could…”
“That’s enough.”
The boy looked disappointed but sat down quietly, while yet another one took his place and began to speak.